light-it-high-lovely asked:

Are you still going there? :)

Whoa! A message, what is this? Haha Yeah, I’m still enrolled at UCLA. I just finished my third year but I actually stayed in Westwood to work a full time job on the hill, which is why I have had the chance to take pictures lately. I am both excited and sad to be about to start my fourth and final year at UCLA. It’s been one memorable ride so far! 

Some of my favorite sculptures from the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden:

  • Gerhard MarcksMaja, 1941
  • Auguste RodinThe Walking Man, 1905
  • Richard SerraTorqued Ellipse UCLA, 2006
  • David SmithCubi XX, 1964
  • Deborah ButterfieldPensive, 1996

Walking through this garden on my way to class is among the top reasons why I love being a North Campus major.